Don't be fooled by dangerous Imitations!

Please be advised that imposters are selling dangerous imitation Energy Controllers. 

KVAR Energy Savings, Inc. has undertaken this socially responsible campaign to ensure that consumers’ safety and livelihood are maintained.

Imagine having a cloned energy controller that starts a fire in your home and the fire inspector determines that this product did not have the required Underwriter Laboratory Listing. Your insurance company will simply not pay for the ensuing damages. Your family will be left in a difficult situation because you were sold a poorly fabricated clone of the original KVAR Energy Controller.
Get the original KVAR Energy Controller instead of a knock-off. Don’t be fooled by sub-standard residential products that could endanger your family and home.
All KVAR Energy Savings, Inc. products are backed by $2,000,000 in product liability insurance.
*Simply using UL listed parts does not qualify the product for being UL Listed.


Click Here to see the KVAR Energy Savings, Inc  UL File