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The Official KVAR Store, an authorized wholesale distributor for the KVAR Energy Savings Corporation is your one-stop shop for learning how you can save energy and save money on your electric bills with the original KVAR Energy Controller (KVAR EC™). Through this website, you can easily find information about the KVAR EC™. We can help you use power more wisely and save money. It’s a smart solution for you, for your power provider, and the environment in which we all live and work.

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  • Savings Guaranteed

    We guarantee your KVAR unit to save you 6-25% with a return on your investment within 36 months or less

  • Proven Track Record

    Since 1992, KVAR Energy Savings, Inc. has installed hundreds of thousands of KVAR Energy Savers across the world.

  • IEC Certified

    Demand the only UL Listed, CSA Certified, RoHS compliant Original KVAR Energy Saver

  • Custom Solutions

    Over 93 custom KVAR solutions available for your residential, commercial, or industrial KVAR project

Save 6-25% on your electric bill with The KVAR Energy Controller, guaranteed!

The Official KVAR Store\'s mission is to create large-scale energy savings for our clients by implementing the absolute best quality, proven, guaranteed energy efficiency solutions backed by the best warranty in the industry. We will not be beat of Price or Quality.

Milwaukee Based Distributor - Ideal Energy Concepts

“We started with one well pump and verified its performance. We checked records of the electricity bill and the flow rates and pumpage reports of the water and it came out to be a 11.3% savings on their energy bill and they were pumping more water as well. With these results, they were excited and are planning to move forward on other well pumps and some of the office buildings.” The results of the DeForest well pump application can be reviewed here.

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Does Your Business Suit Our Business?                Attention: Electricians/HVAC/Entrepreneurs Contact us to find out how to get trained to become certified to size and install KVAR Energy Savings, Inc. products.  Let us show you how we can help educate and provide energy-saving products to your customers and put money into your pockets as well as theirs.   ... Read more »

Featured Product KVAR PU-1050

Single Phase Residential Energy Controller designed for use in homes with electric bills between $80.00 and $170.00 Most common unit for "average size" homes with typical appliances and usage, such as central air conditioning, washer, dryer, refrigerator, etc. Click the link above to view more information, or to begin shopping for your own KVAR Energy Controller.

KVAR Energy Savings Guarantee

The Official KVAR Store guarantees a minimum of 6% savings on your energy bill backed by a 90 day Money Back Guarantee and 12 year manufacturer's warranty against defects. Get the best level of savings off your electric bill by using the best KVAR Energy Controller available in the marketplace. With a 20 year track record, all our KVAR EC™ units are UL listed, CSA certified and RoHS (Restriction of Hazardous Materials) compliant. Contact us now at (888)-391-KVAR to find out which KVAR unit is right for you!